Kendall Coffey on the Silent Majority

Earlier this month, Richard Nixon would have celebrated his 100th birthday.

In Kendall Coffey’s latest tweet, he discusses changing demographics from 1972 to 2012, social issues and the fall of the silent majority in the latest presidential election. He discussed how Nixon was usually demonized by Baby Boomers but how he has nevertheless had a profound role in shaping America’s political landscape.

In his post, he refers to the current Republican foundation as a “Silent Majority.” The term encompasses value issues, including “…faith, patriotism, and law and order, as well as a shrewd manipulation of attitudes concerning intellectualism.”

He refers to the Nixonian constituents as a “Vocal Minority.” He states, “…the Nixon coalition of values may be backfiring with Hispanics, women, and gays, who are underwhelmed by the anti-immigration, anti-choice, and anti-gay marriage positions of the GOP.”

Possibly by 2016, the Republican party may reconfigure their strategy to gain support from Hispanics and younger voters.

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